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Silvano ('Nano') Campeggi
Mixed Media on Canvas
Marilyn Monroe(Icon). Signed in ink, lower left. An incredibly rare original painting of a 20th Century cultural icon, from a series of intimate facial portraits that Campeggi commenced in the 1960’s as a ‘pop art’ homage. These paintings often give rise to a comparison between Campeggi and Andy Wharhol, which is best addressed by Francesco Gurrieri who curated the 2005 Campeggi retrospective in Florence: “It would be reductive to define Campeggi as the Italian Wharol”, but, he went on to explain, since pop art is “the authentic interpreter of the symbols produced by a consumer society”, both Campeggi and Wharhol have made significant contributions to pop art with their Marilyn Monroe interpretations - Wharhol with Marilyn images that “repeated and changed as if by means of intersecting chromatic dissolves” and Campeggi with his uniquely intimate and iconic Marilyns. Approx. dimensions: H.24in X W.30in; H.61cm X W.76cm See also dedicated website:
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