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Georges Lepape
Le Collier Nouveau
This is a hand-colored plate-signed pochoir produced as Plate X of the Gazette du Bon Ton No. 1(Jan. 1914) - the third year of publication. One of the all-time classic Lepape images. The model is Denise Poiret, Poiret's wife, in his shocking 'Lampshade' gown, with its equally shocking suggestive bodice. This is the famous outfit that Denise wore as she leapt from a birdcage as the opener to Poiret's spectacular 1002 Nights gala in the grounds of his Paris residence, with its Near-Eastern theme. Also revolutionary for the times was the form-fitting hobble skirt with which Poiret trussed up the fashion-conscious. H 9.625in X W 7.5in H 24.4cm X W 19.1cm
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