Thayaht Artwork

Artist's Biography
Born Ernesto Michaelles in Florence Italy (1893) Thayaht is probably the most versatile of the Art Deco pochoir artists. He set out to be a painter and had established a minor reputation as such by the time WWI broke out. Throughout the war however, he suffered a severe illness that interrupted his work and brought about a long period of introspection. Emerging from this, in 1919, he moved to Paris to study sculpture, the applied arts and the theories of dynamic symmetry. Thayaht’s career only truly took off after a year in the United States and a triumphant return to Paris where he secured the position of Designer of Fabrics and Fashions for the haute couture house of Madeleine Vionnet. At the time Vionnet’s experiments with the bias cut were gaining her creations the reputation of being some of the most elegant and avante garde designs available. Thayaht’s brilliance in combining cubism with fashion design was the perfect catalyst for Vionnet’s vision and together they created the premiere Paris Salon of the 1920’s.

Thayaht’s later career saw a return to sculpture. He became part of the “Italian Futurist” movement and won further fame with his series of “aerosculptures”. Thayaht died in his beloved Italy at the age of 66 (1959). While his career had influenced every artistic medium he set his hand on, he will always be remembered as the man with the palindrome name and the father of cubism in fashion.