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Silvano ('Nano') Campeggi
Napoleon at Elba
Mixed Media on Paper
From "Elba l'Isola dell'Imperatore" (Elba, the Emperor's Island), a project to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Napoleon Bonaparte's association with the Island of Elba (Napoleon was ultimately granted Elba by the Treaty of Fontainbleau (1814) as “a separate principality, which shall be possessed by him in all sovereignty and property” as his “place of residence”). Campeggi first conceived this project in 1997. Between 1997 and 2008 he created over 50 artworks depicting Napoleon in and around Elba, his family and his Imperial Guard. Thirty-four of these pictures ultimately became the Exhibition "Elba l'Isola dell'Imperatore", which opened in Elba’s capital city of Portoferraio on Sept 1, 2008 (Catalogue ISBN 978-88-95144-06-1). A rare opportunity to own a unique piece of Napoleanic history and a most dramatic artwork. Signed by the artist in pen, lower right centre. Approx overall size:H.40.0in X W28.0in; H101.6cm X w71.1cm See also dedicated website:
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