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Jean-Louis Boussingault
Robes de Paul Poiret Selon Boussingault
A centrepiece for the June 1914 Gazette du Bon Ton (note: all examples have the centre fold). One of the stand-out pochoirs of the period that asks the question "Where would art and elegance have gone were it not for The War?" Boussingault was not a prolific artist, but he was very close in the Poiret circles and thus his aesthetic commentary is important. So, with a petite homage to Picasso, a nod to the oriental influence upon a still-to-be-acknowledged Art Deco Style and a definite step toward Modernism, Boussingault makes a significant contribution to the art of 1914. Approx. overall dimensions - H:9.5in. X W:14.5in; H:24.1cm. X W:36.8cm.
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