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Georges Lepape
Mam'zelle Victoire
Original pochoir advertisement for Paul Poiret's line of perfumes: "Les Parfums de Rosine". Rosine took its name from Poiret's daughter who died in the influenza outbreak early in 1915 at the age of 9. "Mam'zelle Victoire" by Rosine was trademarked May 25th 1915 as both a commercial product and a way of supporting patriotism and Victory for France. The central image portrays "Marianne", a long standing symbol of France (see also Lepape's "Vive La France", artwork for the Cover of Vogue Magazine Nov.1917). It is said that Georges Lepape collaborated with Poiret on the perfume bottle and packaging design and, of course, completed all the artwork for the labelling and advertising. This advertisement appeared in 1916. On heavy card stock. Overall size H.8.25in X W.6.25in; H.21.0cm X W.15.875cm
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