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Georges Lepape
L'Heure De La Promenade
A hand-coloured, plate-signed pochoir print from La Gazette du Bon Ton #5, Plate 21, 1923. Lepape was already much in demand as a cover artist for Vogue when he commenced this series for Lanvin. Note the exquisite use of gold ink at the bottom of the cape and of silver ink on the woman's hat. Notice also the "Reproduction Interdite" not present on most GBT pochoirs before 1923 - a sign that photo-mechanical image duplication was fast becoming the norm, bringing both copyright problems for the publishing houses and the ultimate demise (in 1925) of pochoir art. The copyright problem at this time also signalled the fall of Poiret's fortune and fashion empire:His latest designs were ruthlessly copied and there was no international agreement in place to address this type of theft. Approx. dimensions: H. 9.75in X W. 7.5in; H. 24.8cm X 19.1cm.
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