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Georges Lepape
L'Habit Persan
This is a genuine hand coloured, signed pochoir print from the exclusive 1912 Parisian fashion publication Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui (Plate XI). One of a series of 12 pochoirs in a seminal work that defined the early French (or 'Romantic')Art Deco period. When Diaghilev returned to Paris in 1910 with his now famous Ballet Russe, his production of Scheherazade sparked a craze for Eastern exotics that drove fashion design for the next two decades. Here Lepape illustrates the de rigeur 'Persian Dress' the lithe, turban-clad Mme. with Poiret's fashionable, ultra-thin harem pant and his signature 'lampshade-cut' tunic - the insiration for the 'flapper' look an entire decade later. To complete this portrayal of the lavish and exotic, the backdrop is done completely in gold ink. Spectacular! H. 11.0in X W. 7.25in; H. 27.9cm X W. 18.4cm
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