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Edouard Halouze
Marshall Field Invitation
A rare and wonderful piece of fashion history, this thick, folded card, with signed artwork by Edouard Halouze, contains the following message in script: (Dated August 12th, 1923, 24 Rue St. Georges, Paris, France) "Dear Madame, Representatives of our French Millinery Section are just leaving Paris after a visit of some weeks spent in selecting their most beautiful autumn models from such famous designers as (a number mentioned including Marie Guy, Suzanne Talbot & Jeanne Lanvin)... The hats chosen exemplify the most exquisite French taste and are adapted to the distinctive needs of American women. Shortly after this announcement reaches you the hats will be awaiting your inspection in our Salon Francais, Very truly yours, Marshall Field & Company." Mint condition. Overall size: H.6.25in X W.5.125in (H.16.0cm X W.13.0cm)
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