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Charles Martin
Le Bain
"The Bath" is hand-coloured, plate-signed pochoir, Plate I, from the 1913 Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui, which was published from 1912 to 1922 and has been described by Guiliano Ercoli in "Art Deco Prints" (Rizzoli 1989) as "the most luxurious of all (the Parisian fashion publications)". The applied gouache paint is dramatic, saturated and brilliant. Limited to only 300 copies, the "M&M" audience was the very wealthy. Each annual issue featured text of poetry, fashion and entertainment, illustrated in a series of 12 pochoirs. Each edition was devoted exclusively to one artist. "The Bath" is a recurring theme in pochoir lifestyle plates (see also those by Barbier and Brunelleschi) and this work, with its pure gold faucettes, gold-rimmed tub and golden accented flooring gives a glimpse into a sensuous indulgent Deco environment. H. 10.875in X W. 7.0in; H. 27.6cm X W. 17.8cm
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