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A.E. Marty
Le Samedi A Medrano
A hand coloured pochoir print from Modes et Manières d'Aujourd'hui: 1919, Plate IX. Limited to only 300 copies, the "M&M" audience was the very wealthy. Each annual issue featured text of poetry, fashion and entertainment, illustrated in a series of 12 pochoirs. Each edition was devoted exclusively to one artist, who generally composed his issue around a lifestyle theme. Italy's Medrano Circus, still alive today after more than 135 years of performing history, then operated a Paris Company so popular it was nicknamed "Le Cirque de Paris". Of course, the fashionable thing to do was to "be seen" at Medrano, which our young lady accomplishes with great elan. (See also "Le Bal de Sauvages".) H. 7.25in X W. 10.875in; H. 18.4cm X W. 27.6cm
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