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A.E. Marty
La Glace
Hand-colored pochoir, Plate #47 of issue #6 of Gazette du Bon Ton - 1922. One of the most dramatic of the fashion pochoirs devised by A.E. Marty to illustrate a "An Evening Coat" for the famous 1920's designer Paul Poiret. The very human response to the large mirror to check out her latest stunning acquisition as she passes by on her way to the theatre box is a universal one (at least for women!) Noteworthy is just the hint of a man in the image, a frequent Deco leitmotiv i.e. the man as a prop. This tongue-in-cheek relegation of her escort as the "male-as-incidental" underscores the very real issues of the time: the emancipation of the woman. h.9.75in X w.7.25in h.24.8cm X w.18.4cm
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