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A.E. Marty
Amour, Delices et Orgues
Hand-coloured original pochoir from La Gazette Du Bon Ton, Issue #8, 1924-5, Plate 62. This is a particularly interesting piece of design history, in that the setting is a floating fashion runway specially designed by Paul Poiret for the "Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels de 1925". In actual fact the very first formal public haute couture runway in fashion history. A photograph of Poiret's unique "fashion barge" appears on p.72 of "Poiret" published by Editions de Regard, Paris (1986). The details, such as the stepped potted plants, appear in the photo as well as in this pochoir. H. 9.75in X W. 7.5in; H. 24.8cm X W. 19.1cm
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