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A.E. Marty
A L'Oasis
This rare hand-coloured pochoir lifestyle illustration is from issue No. 7 of the Gazette du Bon Ton, 1921, (Plate 53). Martin not only portrays the latest Poiret design, but also presents the latest marvel o "technology" of the day as a performance unfolds beneath one of the first pneumatic "air bubble" domes, now commonly used in sport facilities. Poiret would stage entertainment galas weekly in the backyard of his Parisian mansion to showcase his latest creations, and to which he invited the rich,the famous, the self-indulgent, and of course, the well-dressed. It was, quite simply put, the place to be. h.9.5in X w.7.5in; h.24.1cm X w.19.1cm
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