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Georges Lepape
Les Choses de Paul Poiret IX
This is a genuine hand coloured and signed pochoir from the book "Les Choses de Paul Poiret". Poiret was the grand haute couture designer who commissioned Lepape for this landmark book published February 15, 1911. This was the first time in the history of fashion illustration that the elements of movement and drama were used to help feature the designer's work. Poiret's two unique couture albums, in collaboration with Iribe and Lepape, set the stage for the next 20 years - the golden age of fashion illustration - and are today regarded as seminal pieces of Art Deco design. The advent of trousers for women was a major development...although it had been proposed from time to time in earlier eras it was a concept of female fashion that never really took hold until the advent and tenacity of Poiret. A safe and easy route was to display pants as sports and gardening accessories. The next step was to slip the concept into formal wear, which Poiret aided by his roster of special artists managed to achieve, and, well, the rest is history, right down to Hillary Clinton. H.16.375in X W.10.75in; H.41.6cm X W.27.3
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