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Georges Lepape
Les Choses de Paul Poiret VI
This is a hand coloured and plate-signed pochoir, and is one of Lepape's most celebrated images. From the book Les Choses de Paul Poiret. Poiret was the grand haute couture designer who commissioned Lepape for this landmark book published February 15, 1911. The bold composition represents the fusion of many different style sources, from Oriental, Egyptian and Near Eastern, and includes as well the pale faces, soulful eyes and bee-stung lips of the new cinematography. Poiret's two unique couture albums, in collaboration with Iribe and Lepape, are today regarded as the seminal landmarks of Art Deco design and illustration. Lepape's distinctive and eye-catching style adheres to the poster principles first promulgated by Toulouse Lautrec (much of which Loutrec in turn adopted from Oriental illustrative tradition): strong outlines, bold use of a limited colour palette, detail kept to a minimum to create immediate impact. These principles as developed by Lautrec, Lepape and Iribe continue to be the basis of advertising design theory today. H. 12.875in X W. 11.25in; H. 32.7cm X W. 28.6 (N.B. This is the full-sized image exactly as it appeared in the 1911 publication - it has been slightly cropped here owing to scanner bed limitations.)
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