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Georges Lepape
Advertisment for Weil Furs of Paris
This is a pochoir print produced as a full page advertisement in the Gazette du Bon Ton c.1920 and documented in Iain Zaczek's book "Essential Art Deco", Parragon Press, London 2000 (p.87). Zaczek describes the scene: "It's a chill winter's day and snow is falling. As the lady enters her home, two winged cherubs, representing winds, assail her with their frozen breath. As the company promises, however, she feels nothing." The caption, loosely translated, says: "What feels to you like a cold north wind, appears to me like a gentle summer breeze." The inclusion of the stylish car and carpeted steps reinforce the impression that Weil's customers are wealthy and have impeccable taste. h.9.75in X w.7.5in h.24.8cm X w.19.1cm
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