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King George III - 1768 (Blowup)
Pen and Ink on Vellum
Dated February 19, 1768. Official document ("Recovery") transferring property in Devonshire County, England from Robert Blake to Mark Westron. The copper plate engraved majescule "G" is embellished with the official Royal Portrait of H.M. King George III and the margins feature royal regalia motifs in an extravagant High Renaissance style. On the left are two spectacular blind embossed tax stamps for "V Shillings" each, the pair affixed with a sterling silver tag and reverse crown seal. On the bottom is a hanging seal tag. The natural fold marks can be pressure-pressed out for dramatic framing. This is a rare and impressive historical document of museum quality. h. 26.25 in.(excluding pendant) X w. 33.0 in h. 66.5 cm.(excluding pendant) X w. 83.5 cm. See also accompanying images.
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