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Conveyance - Dec. 18, 1882
Pen and Ink on Vellum
Dated December 18, 1882. A property conveyance showing the sale of Nos. 197-202 Langroyd Road (Wandsworth), Surrey, England from Frederick Robert Hayes of West Hammersmith to Patience Banton of Leamington Priors through Richard Shelton of Wolverhampton for the consideration of One Thousand and One Pounds Sterling. The left side contains two bright orange, embossed tax stamps, one for five pounds, the other for five shillings, both affixed with a silver tag and protected by the Crown Seal on the reverse. A handsome hand-drawn plan completes the document along with red wax seals. A clean, legible and most attractive 118 year-old historical document that will frame up beautifully when pressed. h. 22.5in. X w. 29in. h. 57.2cm. X w. 73.7cm.
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