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Mario Simon
Mario Simon was one of the "new school" of fashion illustrators coming to prominence in 1920 along with Raoul Dufy, Edouardo Benito and Robert Bonfils. His subjects often appear "flattened", one of the stylistic techniques of the Art Deco era when artists experimented with redefining perspective. MIRAGE is a hauntingly beautiful pochoir (hand-colored using stencils) because the bodice and almost the entire background is done in iridescent silver. This is stunningly juxtaposed with the intensive but flat coloration of the table, dress and flesh tones, creating an effect where light dances on the piece while at the same time is absorbed by it. (NB Unfortunately the luminescence of this piece is completely lost in the scanning process.) MIRAGE appeared as Plate #31 in the May Issue (#4) of the 10-issue 1920 Gazette du Bon Ton series. h.9.5in X w.7.5in; h.24.1cm X w.19.1cm
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