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Charles Martin
This is a genuine, hand coloured signed pochoir print from the highly collectible Gazette du Bon Ton, Issue #5 (May 1914), Plate #47. The war years are particularly scarce. This is a Martin tour de force - he uses two types of gold foiling and silver highlighting in the backdrop for this highly dramatic and unusual image from Greek mythology. Danae, the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos, was told by the Oracle of Delphi that she would bear a son who would ultimately kill her Father. Upon hearing this the King decreed that Danae be locked forever in a bronze tower. Zeus, the king of gods, desired her and so entered the tower by raining down upon her in a shower of gold, the scene portrayed in Martin's pochoir. From this union came Perseus, who cut off the head of Medusa and accidentally killed King Acrisius when a discus slipped from his hand during one of the Olympic Games. H. 9.75in X W. 7.5in; H. 24.4cm X 19.1cm
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