Works by Picasso, Chagall, Moore, Cocteau, Masson, Marini, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Tapies, etc. European Contemporary Art, Antique Botannical, Architectural, Historical prints - Reynolds, Rodin, Goya, etc. Barbier, Lepape & other pochoir fashion artists.
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Artophile is dedicated to affordable investment art. Each artwork has been carefully selected, not only on the basis of affordability, but also for its aesthetic quality, its art historical importance and its investment potential.  

With the current Art Deco revival movement, Art Deco prints are in great demand. The pochoir was the design tool for major fashion artists of the Roaring Twenties; the pochoir color process gave a vivid and dynamic finish to the fashion illustrations of the era. Major Art Deco pochoir artists include George Barbier, George Lepape, A.E. Marty, Charles Martin, Umberto Brunelleschi, Robert Bonfils, Boutet de Monvel, Brissaud, Benito, Marthe Romme, Drian, Thayaht, Raoul Dufy, Gose, Halouze, Paul Iribe, and Sonia Delaunay. These artists produced fashion print milestones for luxury publications such as "La Gazette du Bon Ton", " Art, Gout, Beaute" and "Journal des Dames et des Modes". Barbier, Lepape and Iribe had the (mutual) honor to work with the great designer Paul Poiret, and Thayaht made the haute couture of Vionnet immortal. A highly representative selection of their works can be seen under ART DECO AND POCHOIR. 

Picasso, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Andre Masson, Chagall, Jean Cocteau, Feininger, Jean Arp, Vasarely, Marini, Hans Erni, Paul Jenkins, Poliokoff, Soulages, Tapies, and Henry Moore are featured in GRAND MASTERS…all major artists whose signed and original limited edition prints are within reasonable investment reach. 

CONTEMPORARY artists in Artophile are international, comfortably established names to watch. Fred Schimmel, de Cayron, Rene Carcan, Coignard, Ossanne, Tom Hodgsen, Buisson, Reinshagen, Louttre and Dusseau are all personal favorites.

ANTIQUE WORKS ON PAPER include museum pieces by Rodin, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Fragonard, Claude Mellan, as well as Raymond's History of England. The story of Theuerdanck and the Nuremberg Chronicles reflect German medieval history. Botanical etchings are richly represented by the renowned botanical artist James Sowerby.

ANTIQUE MUSIC AND MANUSCRIPTS and other works penned by hand onto vellum include historical indentures, in which calligraphic art brings the history of British land ownership to life. The richly evocative antiphonal pages and medieval psalters shed light on the Dark Ages.